Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autopsies for dollars: A sick thought

Kenosha County Medical Examiner Mary Mainland reported to the county board that she did some 200 autopsies last year and thus she asked for a new full-time deputy to be added to her staff to help with the workload.

Dr. Mainland's request was axed by a county board committee but wait until you hear the reason.

According to Terry Rose, a defense attorney who chairs the county board, the medical examiner isn't bringing in enough revenue.

You heard that right -- the medical examiner isn't bringing in enough revenue.

There are many reasons why cost-conscious supervisors may give budget requests a sharp look and modify them as needed but Supervisor Rose's comments stoop to a new low.

One of the oldest covenants between the sovereign and its subjects is that the sovereign will pursue justice on behalf of the dead.

But Rose thinks that the medical examiner's office should be a cash cow.

This perverse thinking is shocking but not surprising given that Rose is no friend of law enforcement.

After all, when police, prosecutors and related services are understaffed and underfunded, the quality of their work product may make it more diffcult to secure convictions -- a feather in the cap for any defense attorney.

Expecting the medical examiner to troll for dollars is a twisted notion that flies in the face of a traditional governmental responsibility.

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Dad29 said...

No problem-o.

Have the M.E. sell bodyparts.