Friday, October 5, 2007

Another side of the Jena Six controversy

Poor Jena, Louisiana.

The small town where nooses were hung from the "whites only tree" on the high school grounds after black students had the audacity to attempt to break the unwritten rule hasn't been getting a lot of good press these days.

Much of that is well deserved.

In the past I've presented portions of the weekly Jena Times which had a markedly different take on the events in that community and which by omission highlighted that the real problem was the fact that there was a "whites only" tree in the first place and that the community glossed over the seriousness of hanging the nooses from that tree. Had Jena rose up in collective indignation over the original incident the terrible aftermath probably would never have happened.

Nonetheless it's easy in the national media frenzy to forget that there is usually much more to the story and the Jena Times is about the only place you can get details that aren't available elsewhere. Only the current newspaper is on their web site so you can't look back at previous articles but this week's Jena Times attempts to tell the rest of the story:

I don't agree with all of what the local weekly is saying but some of it has been overlooked or misconstrued by the national media and thus Jena deserves its say, too.

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