Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stop the presses! NAACP leader gets what the Journal-Sentinel doesn't!

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel -- long the state's most prolific enabler of the "victim menality" in racial matters -- must be in a tizzy over a black community leader's refusal to buy into newspaper's sinister disparity du jour.

The rebuff comes in a story about how fourth-and-eighth-grade black students in Wisconsin have reading levels at the bottom of the heap nationwide while the "reading achievement gap" between black and white students continues to be the widest in the country.

Par for the course, the Journal-Sentinel doesn't say much about why the disparities exist and conducted no inquiry in its own. The newspaper did, however, try to round up comments from the usual sources. The one that said something substantive is an official of the Milwaukee NAACP:

Wendell Harris, chairman of the education committee of the Milwaukee chapter of
the NAACP, said, "I know we've got to do better in school, there's no question
about that."

But, he said, "really, from my standpoint, (it's) families. . . .We can't keep making excuses for parents."

Harris said many parents live amid difficult circumstances, but "we have to do our best to try to get our children educated whatever our own circumstances are."

He added, "We have to become more willing to hold everyone accountable and not just the teachers."

Mr. Harris understands what the Journal-Sentinel's purveyors of the "victim mentality" cannot or do not want to comprehend: improving conditions in Milwaukee is an initiative that begins person-by-person, house-by-house, block-by-block and so on. Mr. Harris gets it. The do-gooder whiners at the state's largest newspaper don't.

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Dad29 said...

He should send a memo to the clueless Eliz. Burmaster.