Saturday, September 22, 2007

Montana's Governor has an idea worth considering

I met Brian Schwitzer a couple of years ago, about nine months or so after he took office as Montana's governor.

At that time he was pushing for study and implemention of coal gasification technology.

Gov. Schweitzer may be the chief executive of a state with just under a million people spread out over a gazillion square miles. but he sure has a downtown idea that's worth considering.

According to Gov. Schweitzer, we could cleanly and efficiently convert coal to synthetic fuels and its byproducts -- once an environmental nightmare -- into other products. He figures we could get gasoline down to a buck a gallon and significantly reduce the dependence on foreign oil.

It's rare to get anything more than fluff from politicians these days but Gov. Schweitzer is ahead of the curve on this issue. If he's right, who cares if the idea came from a moderate Democrat?

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Dad29 said...


"Coal gasification" is what caused the demise of Allis-Chalmers.

The then-CEO bought into that line (peddled by James Earl Carter, the worst President EVER...), spent a gazillion that A-C didn't have, and put the fatal sword into about 5,000 Milwaukee-area jobs.