Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's take a leak at the Urinal-Sentinel

Just when you thought TV's nitwitness newsies occupied the bottom of the reportorial barrel we see a so-called "story" in the Urinal-Sentinel about how the mayor of Burlington does business with the city.

Now this non-story was so shocking that the urinalists who run the snoozepaper put it in the "Public Investigator" column so as if to say that the mayor is doing something sinister or, worse, illegal.

But, even when you read the piece, it says that the mayor did less than $15,000 per year in business with the city and thus he broke no laws.

Important fact here folks: he broke no laws.

So, then why is this news?

Maybe the pipsqueak instigator's little urinalist is too stupid to know why there's that $15,000 exemption.

The reason isn't to benefit local government officials.

That law exists to help small municipalities. For example, suppose the person who owns the only hardware store in town is on the city council or village or town board. What if the fire department needs some repair parts -- in a hurry, no less -- and the official's store is the only game in town? Without the exemption the hardware person would have to hose the fire chief or face possible criminal charges.

The exemption exists to make it easier for small towns to function more efficiently and represents a great deal of common sense.

Of course, if common sense was common, then every urinalist would have it.


Dad29 said...

Maybe, maybe not.

Patrick has more at Badger Blogger.

RAG said...

I agree but then if he broke a law, they should say so.