Friday, September 14, 2007

Help pick a new "liberal" blog link

It's time to make a couple of changes here.

I added a hit counter (thanks for the suggestion) and Kathy Carpenter's blog as a local conservative blog.

The problem is that I need a new representative "liberal" blog -- one that seldom makes any real sense but represents the real left -- now that I deleted "Milwaukee Rising."

The main reason that blog was eliminated was its indifference to rational discussion and distorted views.

For example, Milwaukee Rising raised the question of whether Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walter is soft on crime:

This blog raised the same point -- although from a different perspective -- and it was the same perspective from which "Milwaukee Rising" appeared to invite feedback.

So I responded in a condensed version of my blog post which was also critical of Walker. That comment never saw the light of day on "Milwaukee Rising."

That's one of the problems of the some of the left: they like to dish is out but can only see things their way and thus "Milwaukee Rising" got the delete button here.

Also, it was a bit too geographically limited and didn't look at the broader metro area and the state as a whole.

So I need to come up with a more representative "liberal" sample that is also an honorable one.

I'm having a hard time. Some of the left blogs are a little too mainstream in that they occasionally tilt toward the mainstream and make a little sense. Or they are too parochial (like almost exclusively local to Madison). I considered Paul Soglin but he's either far left, out in the ozone or, on a rare occasion, right on the money, and much of his stuff is too-Madison specific for those of us in southeast Wisconsin.

So, I'll mull over the "liberal" link and accept your suggestions.


illusory tenant said...

Methinks you rush to judgment. I've left a comment or two on Ms. Schuldt's blog; she just didn't get around to moderating for a day or two.

RAG said...

IT, I took that into account because there was a new posting.

Another reason is that that particular blog is a little too parochial. I am looking for something with a bit broader geographical emphasis.