Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WKRP and the search for a new police chief.

The second generation of the popular sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati began with the search for a replacement for the mythical radio station's program director, Andy Travis, who was quitting.

The lone applicant, Donovan Aderhold, caused quite a stir when he showed up for an interview with Travis and station manager Arthur Carlson.

Aderhold, you see, was black, and much of the episode is spent with Mr. Carlson spinning around in circles over how to handle that unprecedented situation. However, he knew he had to interview Aderhold, so a stammering Mr. Carlson and Travis called Aderhold in.

In dialogue that could have been recited by Porky Pig, Mr. Carlson stammers to tell Aderhold, "You know this isn't a black radio station."

Aderhold doesn't miss a beat and replies, "I'm not a black program director." He goes on to explain that he doesn't program black radio stations but can do the job regardless of the format and intended audience and asks to be considered on his merits, not the color of his skin or any preconceived notions about his abilities as a result thereof.

There's a lesson in that sitcom for police and fire commissioners in Kenosha and Milwaukee where the process is underway to hire new police chiefs.

The successful applicant should be selected strictly on his or her merits and not because of gender, race or any other extraneous factor. The bottom line is that the best person for the job should get the job, period.


Dad29 said...

The bottom line is that the best person for the job should get the job, period

Uh huh.

You ever think of writing the next collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales?

RAG said...

I'll leave the fairy tail writing to the Good Old Platic Jesus folks.

As stated the best person for the job SHOULD get the job. As we know, that doesn't necessarily mean that the best person for the job WILL get the job. Had I said the latter, Dr. Seuss step aside.