Friday, August 24, 2007

Who is Donna Sollenberger? The $600,000 woman, that's who.

Hardly a household name, Donna Sollenberger just stepped down as CEO of the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison to take a better job running the Baylor University Hospital and Clinic in Houston.

Sollenberger was paid a paltry $600,000 per year by the University of Wisconsin, about five times more than the govenor's salary and 50% more than President Bush.

$600,000 a year for a state employee. Wow. And we wonder why health care is so unaffordable these days.

Society in general and patients in particular were better off when hospitals were run by administrators who never thought of themselves as CEOs.


Dad29 said...

when hospitals were run by administrators who never thought of themselves as CEOs.

That would be when the nuns ran the places.

Peter Gruett said...

The University Hospital/UW Medical Foundation is a public authority, completely self-funded and mostly independent of the state. It is affiliated with the University Medical School but (I believe) not answerable to it. I read in an article a while back that the chief of orthopedic surgery makes something around a million dollars but it's all funded by your health-care dollars and not your taxes.

Interestingly, their combined salaries would total about half of what Barry Alvarez made as football coach and he *is* a university employee.

I suppose the point is, there's a market for these jobs and the numbers are only meaningful compared to other administrators of major research hospitals/orthopedic surgeons/football coaches, not governors. I suppose we could do more about her salary in a single-payer system. . . Oh well.