Monday, August 20, 2007

UW-Mad City slips from the party hardy list

The Princeton Review's list of the top 20 party schools is out -- and West Virginia University tops the list.

This has to be a bummer for some at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as UW-Mad City didn't even make the list. In fact, the only Big Ten schools listed are Penn State, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

Further adding insult to an academic goofoff's injury is the omission of Wisconsin from the Reefer Madness (Vassar and Sarah Lawrence made that list) and Best Hard Liquor Colleges (Indiana, Iowa and Penn State represent the Big Ten there).

The Badgers redeemed themselves from piety by topping the "Lots of Beer" chart, thus avoiding the "Stone Cold Sober" list.

The new rankings must have students, alumni and parents in a tizzy over the possibility that the UW's flagship campus might be mistaken for Brigham Young.

Not to worry. It may just be that the list makers finally realized the truth about UW-Madison: it is not a party school.

Say what? That's like taking cheese and brats away from Wisconsin!

The reality is that while UW-Madison isn't a party school it has great parties. In this case, the distinction has a difference.

At UW academics and just getting through the day are such that you can't party until you drop every night of the week without running the risk of the best case scenario being that you'll flunk out. In fact, the campus takes on a mortuary like atmosphere a couple of weeks before semester finals.

But, when the weekend comes, or the semester's over or it's Halloween, then it's Toga, Toga, Toga! Those Mountaineers can't possibly match that.

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