Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time for an end to politics as usual.

Political parties fan the flames of blind allegiance and opposition just for the sake of it, hoping that somehow it'll zing the other side.

Of course, for as inept and out of control this President Bush is, the Democrats by and large are as bad, if not worse.

Both parties have forgotten that sometimes you have to step away from the game and do the people's business regardless of political advantage or consequences.

It's hard not to bang up on Bush but the reality is that it's superfluous in that he does a good job of it on his own. He's certainly made it difficult to be a Republican.

Of course, the Democrats are partying like drunken sailors over this and have forgotten that they, too, share some responsibility.

Republicans chant the mantra of less government and fiscal responsibility while Democrats whine about health care and education.

The truth is that it's all smoke and mirrors -- latter-day Republicans certainly haven't given us less government or one that's fiscally responsible while the Democrats, when they had the chance, didn't improve health care or education. Nonetheless these politicians continue to insult the American people by repeating these worn sound bytes.

The Democrats misread the 2006 election results. They didn't win. The Republicans lost.

The time has come for Main Street Americans to reclaim our government and the first step next year may be to throw the bums out -- all of them.

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Dad29 said...

Lynching? Or just tar and feathers?