Friday, August 3, 2007

Some people just need to be removed from the gene pool...

Here's a good example (as reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel):

West Bend - A West Bend woman has been charged with physical abuse of a child after her 2-year-old daughter ate two LSD-laced candies the woman allegedly purchased and brought back to their apartment.
According to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Washington County Circuit Court:

The mother, Donielle M. Maki, 23, and a friend, Valerie J. Anderson, 19, went to a house in the 500 block of Oak St. in West Bend on Tuesday and bought 10 drug-laced candies that looked like SweeTarts for $7 each from a man at the house. Maki told investigators she bought the LSD for her cousin.

After buying the drugs, Maki went home, put her 2-year-old daughter to bed and then "passed out" on the couch in the apartment.

When she woke up Wednesday at about 9 a.m., her daughter was sitting on the floor near her Care Bears couch and said, "I like these, Mommy" and had one of the drug-laced candies in her hand. Maki saw only eight pieces of candy left and knew her daughter had eaten two of them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, what this woman did was stupid, but her love for her daughter was greater than maintaining her own freedom. She is now caught in the judicial system for years to come because saving her daughter was more important. I admire her heart and dispise her lack of discernment.

RAG said...

What she did wasn't just stupid, it was criminal. If she obeyed the law she would never have purchased the LSD and her child would never have consumed it.

I can't blindly say that "saving her daughter was more important." It may have been. But if she really cared about her daughter she would have set the proper example as a parent.

Anonymous said...

I'm from West Bend and I went to middle and high school with this girls younger sister who is mentioned...the first time I met Donielle she was tripping and thought a blanket was staring at her...six years later, I'm not surprised that she turned out this way. I think she should be locked up for good. She's been on hard drugs for over a decade.

Anonymous said...

You admire her heart? When she called the poison control center for help, she hung up when they asked for her name and address. The center called the police and traced the call. She was selfish and obviously stupid. If she really cared for her daughter she wouldn't have been investing so much time and money on drugs.

Anonymous said...

The LSD was obviously not for her it says so in the police report. As for the hanging up when they asked her name maybe they asked and she didn't hear it. As a parent my main concern at that moment would be to get my child help as I'm sure was hers. We also don't know that she was actually using the drug it never mentions that. Did anyone consider the fact that being a single mother is very hard and money consuming maybe that's the only way she could get by, by selling drugs, so in actuality it isn't her fault it's societys.

RAG said...

I've seen some lame thinking in my time. The comment above was so incredible that I considered deleting it but, on second thought, kept it to demonstrate its absurdity.

Reality check:

1. Society is not to blame for the fact that this woman is a single mother.

2. Being a single mother is not an excuse to use and/or sell dangerous drugs.

3. To suggest that being a single mother is an excuse to use and/or sell dangerous drugs is an insult to the millions of single moms who don't.