Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prayers for Melodie Wilson

Tonight I ask your prayers for a person who made a difference in southeastern Wisconsin for so many years.

Melodie Wilson Oldenberg -- known just as Melodie Wilson to television viewers for a couple of decades -- is battling an incurable cancer. She previously was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.

Although I haven't seen Mel in years, I remember she was a reporter's reporter. Although she gained fame as a television news anchor, Mel was, unlike many others, first a reporter. I sat through many Milwaukee school board meetings with Mel who covered those stories the textbook way by becoming knowledgeable about schools and attending board meetings.

In later years as her fame and job responsibilities grew, she never stopped trying to go beyond the quick hit and learn the "real story."

There's much more that I could say but these things pale in comparison to the battle she has on her hands now. Even after leaving active news reporting, Mel continued to do much to serve the community.

It's time for this community to give something back to Mel -- our prayers and support.

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reelgem said...

My prayers are with Melodie. She is a amazing person. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 10 years ago. I was frightened to death when I was diagnosed. My doctor gave me Melodie's phone number and she helped me through my treatments. A beautiful person inside and out. I know God will heal her.
Anne Emmons
Milwaukee, WI