Tuesday, August 28, 2007

McCain sticks his neck out on Iraq

Tuesday night Senator John McCain again took an unpopular tack on Iraq, claiming that we are making progress and that it would be catastrophic to pull our troops out now.

On the flip side, it's unclear exactly when McCain thinks we ought to bring our troops home. He acknowledges a growing sentiment in this country to get out of Iraq.

McCain believes that Donald Rumsfeld was one of the worst defense secretaries in the nation's history but says the new management has a workable plan.

It's hard to know whether McCain's right. But you have to wonder that if this plan is workable, why isn't it working? Why can't we win? Why is our defense so depleted that we have reservists and national guardsmen on the front lines? How prepared are we for another terrorist attack?

If we're going to be in a war, we need to be in it to win and can't fight it with one hand tied behind the back. We should have learned that lesson in Vietnam. Either we're in to win or we need to get out.

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