Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kenosha Snooze: Asleep at the switch?

On Thursday Larry Harding, a former Somers town board supervisor, filed complaints which alleged that the public notices of three town board meetings were not sufficiently specific.

The complaints were immediately reviewed and the prosecutor not only found that two of the three allegations were metitorius but also found another violation that Harding overlooked. A written response was sent to town officials advising them to improve their meeting notices. The prosecutor's letter also said that similar violations had been committed by other governmental bodies, such as the Kenosha Unified School Board, which received copies of the cautionary letter. Copies were also E-mailed to the editor of the Kenosha News and reporter Joe Potente.

Surprise, surprise that Saturday's Kenosha News carried Potente's story about Harding's complaint with no mention of the response. There was nothing in Sunday's newspaper.

This is but another sign of a disturbing trend of that newspaper to delay printing stories. Perhaps if there was a viable commercial broadcast news operation in town it would be a different story but WLIP systematically eliminated three of its four reporters with the remaining one an announcer who rarely goes out to cover any stories and much of what you hear on the radio weekday mornings seems to be a rewrite of what's already in the morning paper.

Of course, the real losers here are the public.

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