Wednesday, August 8, 2007

He (kinda, sorta, in a teeny way) gets it

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin today concedes, just a little, that failure to adequately fund infrastructure repairs isn't just the fault of Republicans: but, in reading his diatribe, he still fails to give Democrats their full due.

Here in Wisconsin it started with Pat Lucey who, as Governor, came up with the "no tax increase budget." When he and Acting Gov. Marty Schreiber left office, the state amassed a huge surplus. Moderate Republican Lee Sherman Dreyfus, who defeated Schreiber, called for the return of the surplus, a campaign issue that not only resonated with the voters, but also with the Democrats who controlled the legislature and who, in the end, gave back more than Dreyfus proposed.

Plus, he fails to concede that it was Dreyfus' transportation chief, Lowell Jackson, who came up with the gasoline tax indexing plan to keep our infrastructure going. That's right--a Republican tax increase.

The bottom line: As long as people want to engage in labeling and politics, nothing will get done.

A side note: Funny how the RAG is a "conservative blogger." My conservative Republican friends think I'm a flaming liberal. But RAG is a former member of the former New Republican Conference, hardly a conservative think tank, and presently the Republican Main Street Partnership But I digress.

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