Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good work, Officer Elm!

A hat tip goes to Officer Matt Elm of the Kenosha Police Department for some good police work last night.

Officer Elm responded to a suspicious person complaint at Saxony Manor, a senior citizens apartment complex on Kenosha's north side, where he saw a man in the parking lot who took off running upon Officer Elm's approach.

Officer Elm chased the suspect, who ran behind an apartment building, but was unable to initially locate him. The officer briefly retreated from the area and returned a few minutes later to see the suspect standing in the doorway of one of the apartment buildings.

The suspect again took off running and again disobeyed Officer Elm's commands to stop. He then turned and made a threatening gesture toward the officer who ultimately got control of the situation by deploying his "taser" device. The suspect continued to disobey the officer's commands even when he was on the ground and a second "taser" blast was needed to get him handcuffed.

The "rest of the story" is that the suspect is a probation and parole absconder who was convicted three times of battering an elderly Saxony Manor resident. One of those cases, a September 20, 2005 incident, was investigated by Officer Elm, who quite obviously had a very good reason to be suspicious when he saw the man standing in the doorway of the apartment building where his victim resides.

The suspect is on court-ordered "extended supervision" (which took the place of parole) for three years following a one year prison term and was released from prison less than two months ago.

Let's hope probation and parole authorities and the courts are on top of this case.

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