Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Morning Funnies

LAUREL -- To Pick-N-Save for their delightful uptown (inner city) Kenosha store which has brought a full-service grocery store to a neighborhood that hasn't had one for more than three decades. Besides helping reviatalize a neighborhood, it provides jobs and a sense of community pride. Plus it's located whree people outside of the neighborhood also shop there and find the store layout convenient for quicker shopping.

DART -- To Pick-N-Save for pulling the pharmacy out of the uptown Kenosha store.

BIGGER DART and DUH -- To Pick-N-Save for continuing to spit out cash register coupons for the pharmacy at the uptown Kenosha store.

At one time we used to say that government should run like the private sector. These days it's difficult to automatically make that leap.

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