Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Super Bowl isn't the only place

When we think of compelling advertising the first thought is likely to be the Super Bowl where elaborate, expensive and, almost always, funny ads compete with each other.
Then there's the magazine ad at the left for the "Rosa Parks bus" exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum near Detroit.
The ad didn't need a lot of copy. The images alone are compelling.
Far too often today young people are disconnected with history. Many have little or no knowledge of the sacrafices others made -- sometimes even paying with their lives -- for the freedom and opportunities enjoyed today.
And the greatest gift of recognition we can give to those who fought and suffered in the past is to take full advantage of every opportunity today. This ad says that -- and a whole lot more.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that the actual bus was lost to history until a scrawl on a clipping in an old driver's notebook gave the number as "#2857." No other source had the actual bus number. Fortunately, that bus was located - abandoned in a farm field. It's GMC 36; almost a dead ringer for the buses Kenosha had in the same era.