Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Praise of (gulp) HGTV

Truth be told, I think the real reason the V-chip exists is HGTV.

Home and Garden Television (the cable network's formal name) would probably paint the White House red if they could get away with it. Their programs come up with a gazillion ways to spend hard-earned money on projects that, for the most part, are highly discretionary. I mean, do most people really need a $3,000 refrigerator in their kitchen?

And why does anybody in their right mind watch a half-hour program on someone else shopping for a new home?

Worse, they provide very little information on how projects are actually done. Candice Olson, host of Divine Design, says the network makes projects look way too simple to the extent that viewers think something that took weeks, maybe months, to accomplish can be done in a single weekend.

Having said all the above -- and I barely got started -- the only thing I give HGTV brownie points for is their real commitment toward diversity in their programming.

Through HGTV we've met home owners of all different races, background and even sexual orientation. In HGTV-land, we're all equal -- all sharing the same experiences whether it's buying a home, going through a remodeling project or getting your property ready for sale.

Other networks often fake diversity but with HGTV it's all real people in real cities and towns with the same real-life experiences. To that extent HGTV helps in its own way to bring us closer together.

Nonetheless, HGTV is still a very good reason for the V-chip.

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Anonymous said...

Those that tend to criticize are jealous of the exquisite taste, lavish spending, and gay lifestyle that HGTV presents.