Monday, July 30, 2007

Holy politics, Batman! A local politician who tells it like it is!

A veteran Cleveland city councilman has had enough with the folks who bring down his neighborhood as shown in this actual letter to an accused drug dealer:
Strong words -- but necessary ones.
The boy's mother is crying foul, accusing the councilman of threatening her son. However, following the letters to the editor on the Cleveland Plain-Dealer blog shows that most writers are sympathetic to the councilman and believe that mom needs to ponder whether she's part of the solution or part of the problem.
That said, when will the day ever come that politicians in this area will have the cajones to stick up for constituents as this Cleveland councilman did?
Milwaukee's mayor, Tom Barrett, rode along with police over the weekend and got to see his city from a different perspective -- something he probably should have done long ago. Yet, we haven't heard him tell it like it is.
The first step toward solving a problem is to fully recognize and admit that it exists. Toward that end many of our politicians here are scared of their own shadows.

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